Infant Essentials: Ten 0-12 Month Must-Haves

Infant Essentials: Ten 0-12 Month Must-Haves

I know — this post is WAY overdue. In less than two weeks my little one (LO) will be two and here I am talking about infant necessities. BUT, many people in “my circle” have or are having their first child, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to chat about what I thought was necessary for those first, very precious, 12 months. Also, don’t forget to check out the end, where I visually highlight some of my favorite memories of my son’s first year.

1. (NO JOKE) A Comfortable Bathrobe (here)

Picture this, it’s the middle of the night, your newborn is crying to be fed, it’s a little chilly, but you know you have to open up shop to feed your baby, so you get up and throw on that plush, warm, fluffy bathrobe, sit back in bed, and feed that precious life while you yourself are feel wrapped in a soft clouded bathrobe. I would not have put this first if I did not think that you would 100% benefit from having something extremely comfortable to throw on and wear around the house while you’re navigating the new roads of motherhood.

2. A Portable Bassinet (here)

Some people are all about the “co-sleeping”, and that’s fine, but I personally was so worried I would crush my baby in the middle of the night that I found a portable bassinet next to my bed to be much more helpful. The one shown above is the exact one that we had and what I liked about it was that one side folded down so that you could easily reach into it when your baby woke up. Also, at the time, we were living in a VERY small apartment (400 square feet), so the storage space below became very useful for things like blankets and sheets or even diapers. That space was also great to have when we traveled; we just placed all of our LO’s luggage and diapers and whatever else in the bottom of the bassinet so that it wasn’t just all over the place of wherever we were visiting.

If you do plan on co-sleeping, however, I have heard GREAT things about the “DockATot” (here). This allows you to have your baby in bed with you but still safe from you rolling over onto them because they are confined in this plush “boat”.

3. A Good Pump (here)

Now I’m not sure if it’s still the case, but under “Obamacare” pumps were provided to new mothers through their insurance company, at least this was the case for me, and I was lucky enough to get a Medela. This thing was a powerhouse for me. Now, even if you don’t plan to be a working mother, having a pump is extremely handy. If your experience is anything like mine, your boobs will get so full of milk and if your baby is not drinking it all up, then it’s got to come out somehow. My son’s first doctor recommended I just squeeze it out in a large bowl, which I did the first few times, but when I gave the pump a go instead of milking myself like a cow, it was sweet glory. AND, even if you do not have a hefty milk supply, having a good pump will help stimulate your supply to increase to where you want it to be.

4. A Backpack Diaper Bag (here)

This is an envy product because I did not have one. I didn’t adopt the backpack diaper bag until my LO was over a year and I bought our diaper backpack for $0.25 and sewed on a $3 patch. But THIS one, the one shown above, is the one I wanted. It has ALL the bells and whistles and, trust me, when you’re carrying around a 10-20 pound child, the last thing that you’ll want is a super annoying diaper bag slung over your shoulder.

5. A Baby Carrier (here)

I am all for my Ergo. To this day, and my kiddo is almost 2, I still use it. You can buy an infant insert (here) for when your babe is really little and snuggled in front of you or use it for side or back carrying. I couldn’t figure out how to link the actual one I have, which is black with a front pocket, but I have no doubt that any Ergo baby carrier product is a winner. BUT, if your kid is anything like mine, then he or she will want to see the world front on, so we also purchase an inexpensive Infantino (here) carrier.

This allowed for him to be facing frontwards on any and all adventures we went on…which were most often to the grocery store or TJ Maxx.

6. A Good Highchair (here)

We were lucky in our household, our babe’s great-grandfather is a master woodworker and made us a highchair, so this topic is something I don’t have AS much experience with. I did, however, get to try out the Costco high chair and the Bumbo (here) seat and I must say I truly loved both. The Bumbo, obviously, isn’t actually a highchair, but a great option to have if you want your LO to be present at the table throwing dinner rolls and such. The Costco seat I really liked because the tray was easy to clean, but the “cloth” material to clean was not my favorite. I found this great article on the “best” highchairs that could help on this topic (here).

7. A Video Baby Monitor (here)

So the reason I love this monitor is that Chriselle Lim (here) loves it too, lol. I actually did not use this monitor, I used the Motorola video monitor (here), but also dreamed/wished for the version that allowed me to sign on from my phone and the #momboss, Chriselle, found that for me. The idea of not having to carry around a monitor, and only carry around my phone, well I am all about THAT. 

8. A Sleep Sack (here)

I was terrified of suffocation, still am, so the sleep sacks, especially those by Halo, were my best friends. Most often, if the weather wasn’t too hot, I would put my LO in his long-sleeved footie pajamas then in his sleep sack and use different combinations of fleeced vs. cotton to adjust for whatever weather we had. I highly recommend these!

9. A Diaper Genie (here)

I think this speaks for itself…don’t be the smelly house. Although, I do wish there was a more eco-friendly option that did not involve cloth diapers. Biodegradable diapers and genie bags? Hopefully someday.

10. A Temporal Thermometer (here)

Trust me, when your LO is not feeling well, the last thing they are going to want is their temperature taken rectally. I have this exact one and although it’s not perfect, in regards to accuracy, it’s usually pretty darn close to what it should be. My significant other and I tested it often when we thought our son had a temperature because we were always afraid it was giving a false readout.


And now, memory lane. I hope you’ve enjoyed my “Top Ten”, here are some images from my son’s first year.


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