Apple Picking in Southern California

Apple Picking in Southern California

It’s just not the same. Being an east coast native, I have been spoiled with space. Always parking spaces, rarely traffic, and fields of apple trees of all different kinds. The orchard I grew up going to was called, Cider Hill Farm, in Amesbury, MA. It was so big it required a little map to find the right kind of apples that you desired.

But I am now a practicing west coaster, so I searched for the most highly rated orchard in our area and came up with Willowbrook Apple Farm.

Upon arrival, parking was scary. It’s on a one-lane road up a hill in the San Bernadino mountains in Yucaipa, CA. There appeared to be 3 or so apple farms right next to each other, so parking for all of them was localized on this one road. Although it wasn’t a huge issue, it was not the fields of parking space we were used to.

When we got there, there were a few lines: one to pay for anything you wanted to pay for with a credit card (apple picking bags, cider pressing, food, whatever), one for cider pressing, one for food (you either pre-paid or had to pay with cash), and one to enter the orchard after purchasing bags.

Although the lines and parking weren’t ideal, once we got inside and got the speech on how to respect the trees, things were mellow and we got to enjoy the experience.

They had a small set-up for pumpkins, the “Pumpkin Patch”, a miniature horse & donkey, a piglet, a rabbit, and some chickens to give you the “farm” experience. It wasn’t as authentic as the true farm vibes you get on the east coast, but it was nice to show our son the animals and let him pet them, which he enjoyed.

After wandering around and filling our small and large-sized bags with apples, we waited in the lines for cider and hit the road. I will say that I was somewhat disappointed in both the labeling of the kinds of apples and the apples themselves. Maybe we did a poor job of picking, but most of the apples we got are very tart and not that tasty.

At the end of the day, no it was not the same as home, but it was a nice outing for our little family and I’ll quit comparing and complaining. Thank you Willowbrook Apple Farm for a Fall day out.

Outfit Details
Shirt: Larry Levine via TJMaxx (similar here)
Button Up: Zara (similar here)
Pants: A&G via Zappos (here via Lyst)
Shoes: Clarks via Zappos (here)
Jewelry: Canvas Style (here)
Handbag: Dooney & Bourke (similar here)

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