Oka-B: Sustainable & Practical

Oka-B: Sustainable & Practical

I love shoes, it’s a thing. When I go to any retail store, it’s most often the shoes that I end up purchasing, regardless of the 30 or 40 pairs that I have chilling in my closet.

But the thing about cute shoes, they’re not usually very practical.

Cute sandals — don’t wear them to the beach if you don’t want sand dust all over them or if you don’t want them to get wet.

Slides — okay, well there are a lot of options out there right now, you got me there.

Flats — they don’t last, so I don’t buy them.

Morgan in Chai

In an effort to out-with-the-old, frustrating difficult shoes, that just don’t last, I would like to introduce you to Oka-B.

I first found a pair of Okabashi (Oka-B is affiliated) at Savers, dumb founded by the mysterious plastic-like material, thinking, “huh, this would be the perfect beach sandal.”

Neptune in Toffee

So when I got the opportunity to collaborate, to learn more about these water resistant, cute, & most of all very practical shoes, I was all in.

Come to find that Oka-B is

  • Hand crafted in the USA (Georgia)
  • A women lead company
  • (has) all recyclable shoes, made in a close loop recycling process (i.e. minimal waste)
  • (are) water resistant and, therefore, VERY easy to clean, with these fun little beads for optimal support

Neptune (left), Morgan (top), and Grace (right & bottom)

I am a plain Jane kind of gal, so I opted for simple colors and simple styles. The pebble & chai colored slides (Grace — click here) have been my go-to shoes for early morning dog walks. And the Morgan sandal (here) have been a topic of multiple random beach conversations, due to their practicality & adorableness.

I’m going to conclude by thanking Oka-B for giving me the opportunity to spread the word about their sandals and for the shoes themselves, because I’m in love.

If you head over to my Instagram page (here), you can enter to win a free pair before October 3rd, 2018. And use code “MAMAGETSDRESSED” for 10% off your Oka-B purchase


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