Gozon Meets Westworld: A Review and Some

Gozon Meets Westworld: A Review and Some

This past month I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gozon, a lovely company with manufacturers based in Los Angeles, who specializes in timely shipping (necessary) and affordable pricing (also necessary).

So here we are, three fun pieces later, ranging from very fashion-y to very contemporary, finally finished with the Gozon “look book”, per se.

This first dress (the last of the photos taken) is what I like to call “Gozon Meets Westworld” (or the Chloe Button Dow Solid Dress), with the $5 western-vibe belt from a local thrift store, and the 4 p.m. late fall sun, peaking past the horizon.

It’s not everyday that you get to play with clothing items that are somewhat out of your comfort zone. I was grateful for this opportunity mainly because I was able to choose many different items, allowing me to venture into new creative territories.

Much like this next piece, the Aubree Plaid Ruffles Jumpsuit, which was just plain fun to style and shoot. I may have looked like a whacko at the local playground, parading around in a plaid jumpsuit, but I enjoyed every second of doing so.

And finally we have the everyday sweater, the Amber Lace-Up Sweater, one that I have indeed worn almost every (more like every other) day due to its soft and simple nature. I truly loved the ease of this piece, the ease referring to it works with anything, even the black leggings that just so happen to be worn daily (when I’m not creating).

A huge THANK YOU to Gozon for gifting me these items and letting me PLAY! There’s nothing better than letting that little girl out that used to steal all of her moms shoes for fashion’s sake.

Head to Gozon.com now and use code GETSDRESSED for 15% off of your purchase!

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