Getting outside my comfort zone with “Dior”

Getting outside my comfort zone with “Dior”

Well I wish it were Dior, instead it’s vintage, the top I mean. But I couldn’t help but feel a sprinkle of Dior essence wearing it, with the shear fabric and gentle embroidery.

And then there was the skin, my skin, which I am not used to showing much of. You see I’m a little self conscious because I have this skin “thing” called Morphea, which has caused discoloration on many places on my body. Nonetheless, I was feeling this trend, the biker shorts and showing a little skin with my Dior inspired top — so I went for it…mostly because I love the juxtaposition of the beauty in the mesh, embroidered top and the biker shorts.

Slowly, I am learning to become more comfortable sharing more of me. To open up and to be vulnerable to an audience. Although I truly enjoy the craft of building an outfit and getting the perfect shot, I know sharing more about me and my story is equally as important.

I’d like to thank Jesse over at The Photo Issue for capturing these beautiful photos for me at the butt crack of dawn on a Sunday morning.

That’s all for today xoxo

Top: Similar

Biker Shorts: Similar

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